Quality by design

Irrigear Waikerie’s strong growth over the last 10 years has been built on a commitment of providing components with an excellent track record in the field and by building sound relationships with suppliers who support and back their products.

In addition to superior quality products, Agri-Tech is always on the search for new products that can offer greater savings to producers through the use of technology.

For example, remote control systems from Motorola and Philmac electro fusion system eliminating the need for costly welding.

We Have the Lot

Agri-Tech maintains a comprehensive range of stock items from residential to large commercial valves and fittings.

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Our Range of Stock Includes:

  • Residential watering and gardening fittings
  • Above and sub surface dripper systems
  • Overhead and micro sprinkler systems
  • Pumping system with variable speed and multi stage pumps
  • In line high flow and fine filtration systems
  • Main and sub pipeline systems of all types including poly, PVC, MPVC, UPVC, Hobas, copper, galvanised and stainless steel
  • Commercial and domestic controllers
  • Telemetry systems for remote control
  • Valves of all types and sizes through to large bore control valves and foot valves
  • Poly fitting and tube from small bore through to the large sizes
  • Pipe spooling components including flanges, gaskets, studs, tees, elbows, reducers, laterals and olets
  • Commercial fittings including gibault, victaulic, chemical injectors, manifolds and value boxes to name a few
  • Storage and rain water poly tanks
  • Trenching tools 
  • Engineering components including gears, keys, fasteners, bearing and stainless steel sheets

While not every item or size of product can be held by any one supplier, Agri-Tech maintains one of the most comprehensive product ranges and if we don’t have the item in stock, we’ll order it for you and expedite prompt delivery.

Once an irrigation system has been designed and installed by Agri-tech with our range of quality products, your new system will provide you with years of reliable service, great value and minimal maintenance requirements.